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happy wheels 3

If you are looking for a highly addictive game that is full of gory fun then you should look no further than Happy Wheels. This game runs on a physics engine that makes that entire system of game play much more exciting then your normal side scrolling game. Happy Wheels is the total package when it comes to and action packed adventure that will keep you on your toes through every level that you will be thrilled to play through . Happy Wheels will have you testing your great abilities to be able to control and balance your way through a face paced set of crazy levels.

This game is filled with a wide array of gaming features including weight and real motion along with other parameters that will be affecting your game play throughout the entire game. It brings a very exciting version of game play to the world of flash based games. Happy Wheels is truly an extremely surprising and unpredictable game. You will have a wide selection of playable characters to select from a fat guy at the wheel of a kart packed with food to a father and son riding on a bike. This makes the game fresh and re-playable each time that you want to play it. You will be simply thrilled when you get a look at all of the amazing levels that you can play through.

So when you are ready for awesome stunts and gory violence then happy wheels is definitely for you. At first there were only a few characters to choose from and a small selection of levels. However do to an ever growing fan base more characters and levels have continued to be added much to players delight. Each character has their own unique unique set of abilities making the game fresh each time that you switch to a different character. Some will be able to move faster while others will jump higher and so on. You will be able to add to your list of playable characters as you progress through the game.

Another exciting aspect to Happy Wheels is the level editor. This allows you to be able to put your own unique twist on this game. While it can be a bit tricky to figure out at first, you can easily get the hang of it by watching a quick video tutorial. Please keep in mind that the level editor is not available in the Happy wheels Demo only the complete version. So be sure to play the complete version if you are looking to challenge yourself with the level editor.

Happy Wheels is the game to play when you are looking for a truly addictive way to spend some time online. From battling your way through each level that is more unique and challenging then the next to creating your own exciting levels you will not be able to get enough of this game. If you love action and gore then this is most definitely the game for you.

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